Encouragement to live in God's sweet and empowering grace every day.

Encouragement to live in God's sweet and empowering grace every day.



By Diane Wilser

January 22, 2018

So much of our life can seem confusing. Loud horns; loud voices; crying babies; desperate stories and heartbreak fill our ears as the evening news plays in our homes. Where is Jesus in this, we ask?

He is right there! He wants to guide your perspective on all that you encounter and experience! Is the glass half empty or half full?! With Jesus, it’s always YES and always almost FULL!

During the month of April last year, we had a major rain storm come through our area. It rained for three days straight! My husband Gary has metastasized prostate cancer. This particular morning we had our first cancer treatment scheduled. As we slowly made our way along the route, I fought not become frustrated because the traffic was terrible. Along with the traffic, the  route we originally took was flooded. Police cars were blocking the entire road.

As all this was taking place, God reminded me of how our perspective can change our outlook on life! You see, I often can  feel the gentle impression of the Holy Spirit!  As we rode along on this rainy montning,  He reminded me that “Rain in Biblical days was always a sign of God’s blessing.” So I took that moment to encourage Gary and his nervous spirit. I said…”The Lord is really pouring out His blessings on you today through this rain to let you know He is carrying you through this cancer treatment!”

I say all this because I believe the Lord wants us,…..as we experience confusion in our lives; turbulence in society, ……to look through HIS eyes and look for HIS perspective! The cantankerous person in the store, the angry driver on the road…they don’t have the Lords perspective at that moment. Maybe you are experiencing it so YOU CAN BE THE LORD’S LIGHTHOUSE!!

Let His light shine through you! Be the peace that others experience in their day! Thank the Lord that each day He dances with us and He is the Gentleman that leads!

Love to all of you!
Diane Wilser

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