Encouragement to live in God's sweet and empowering grace every day.

Encouragement to live in God's sweet and empowering grace every day.

The Simplicity of Abiding in Him

One of the characteristics of Jesus that I really admire is His ability to always keep things simple. In His Word, He never seemed to show anxiety or confusion. He was never distracted or worried . He was always consistent and right on time!

We can look to nature and see the same qualities. A bird does not fret over where it’s next meal is coming from. It neither sows nor reaps yet the Lord always provides its food.

A river touches places of which it’s source knows nothing. It is victoriously persistent overcoming all barriers. It goes steadily on its course, then it comes to an obstacle and for awhile it is baulked, but it soon makes a pathway around the obstacle!

If we will observe Gods creation, we see that it seems to have one focus in its life. It simply ” abides” in the Lord who created it.

In the same way, our Creator not only designed us but also commanded us to abide in Him. When Jesus Christ said to abide in Him, He meant that His followers were to stop striving and struggling. Instead, they were to stay connected to the Father, (the Source), and trust in Him to guide them and direct them.

One of the parables He has used to teach us in His word is in John 15: 1-5. He says that He is the Vine and His followers are the branches.

“Abide in Me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, so neither can you unless you abide in Me.” John 15:4

If we look at a branch. I mean really look at it….it’s job is really simple! It does not have to strive to grow! It has a source of nutrients that regularly feed it. What is it’s job? It is to simply “ABIDE” in the vine or the trunk!

In the same way, the Lord has called His children-“branches”. He has placed us in a world that is performance driven. The world does not follow Him nor His wisdom. However, He has blessed us with minds and a free will and shows us how to be different than the world.

The Lord wants to teach us by the examples in nature: A branch does not bear grapes because of its determined efforts to get fed and receive sunlight. It doesn’t struggle and strive. Rather, it simply abides in the vine and fruit appears! The vine does all the work !

This same Biblical truth applies to us!  First and foremost, it is up to you and I to accept His invitation to become one of His children and depend (abide) in Him.

He does not love us based on our performance and problem solving. He doesn’t value us more if we climb the success ladder of our job or work place. Instead, He loves us unconditionally and through His Word teaches us how to be successful in His eyes!

With this said, I like the simplicity of His instruction. Follow the examples we see in nature; be the branch that depends on the Vine (Him) as your source …..and you WILL be fruitful !

My friend, If you will abide in Him and make Him your number one source for all your needs. You too will find yourself effortlessly producing fruit.

And the fruit He speaks of doesn’t spoil. It will last to eternity!


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